Smoking Marijuana

Best Ways to use marijuana

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Top Ways People Smoke Marijuana

Many people have their prefrences when it comes down to consuming marijuana. Marijuana consumption is a choice for many enthusiasts and stoners alike on the planet. We have billions of marijuana enthusiasts in the world and roughly 90% of the population has experienced marijuana effects and knows what it is. The majority of the world knows exactly what marijuana is and we have plenty of the best options. The most popular methods is the smoking of marijuana as vaping marijuana is also a very popular methods as well. We also have a good method for you to experience which many people are beginning to try it is called dabbing using wax dabbing devices, or e-nail.

Smoking Marijuana

some people enjoy smoking marijuana as their favorite way

Smoking marijuana is the most popular method to use marijuana. It is also the most dangerous as it can easily damage your cardiovascular system. You must use a vaporizer to prevent this from damaging your lungs.

Vaping Marijuana

many people enjoy vaping marijuana which is one of the best ways to do it.

Vaping marijuana provides plenty of better benefits than smoking and other ways. You filter out 95% of all carcinogens and increase the potency by 85% saving you more money and preventing serious cardiovascular damage. Majority of people are choosing this as the best method of using marijuana. It makes things easier for the vaper enthusiasts that wants to vaporize their cannabis instead of smoking it. You save a ton more money. There’s over two hundred different types of vaporizers you can buy online you just have to find the right vaporizer for marijuana when you end up find your favorite vaporizer. Marijuana vaporizers can easily be bought online, you just have to find the best vape store online so you can figure out the correct type of vaporizer you want to invest in. Vaporizer prices range from $50- $400 depending on the quality of vaporizer. Most vape store offer a manufactures warranty which protects your investment in case the vaporizer breaks.

Medical Marijuana Edibles

Edibles a Harmless Way to Use Marijuana

With Medical Marijuana edibles you can buy many homemade types of THC edibles to consumer if your lungs cannot handle the smoke. This is one of the safest ways to take marijuana, next to a vaporizer as far as safety. Edibles seem to be the most high in demand type of product.

Medical Marijuana tinctures or Sub-lingual Sprays

Cannabis Infused Tinctures

Extracted cannabinoids mixed into alcohol glycerin solution or MCT oil (coconut oil) forms a small amount of sublingual substance that you can usually buy in a bottle or spray. Put under tongue or let it absorb in a thin tissue of your mouth. This is a more expensive way but pretty effective. This is a tincture that you can use for easy ingestion of marijuana when you want to make it into a spray or oil, you can also make this into a tincture as well when you are going to use the marijuana with any bottle of THC juice.

Medical Marijuana Transdermal Patches

Using Marijuana Transdermal Patches

Transdermal patches are more expensive means of ingesting the marijuana. Usually marijuana professionals and doctors prescribe this type of method and you put it on a spot of your body that may be in pain. It gives you pain relief while giving you the physicals marijuana effects you get like if you were to smoke the marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Suppositories

This type of method gives you the ability to insert this into your rectum to extract the marijuana.. It gives you a strong affect. This isn’t really a popular route to take marijuana but it is available for doing and can be safer as it skips some important organs from being exposed to any chemicals. This method of getting the marijuana ingredient into your system is typically not a recommended method as it is not a popular. Most products aren’t engineered for this type of ingestion.

Medical Marijuana Topicals

Medical marijuana topicals give you the psychoactive effects. Salves, ointments, lotions, and sprays which is great for arthritis, chapped skin, eczema, minor urns, muscle soreness, sunburns, swelling, joint pain and relieves the tendons. Topical gels don’t actually get you high but are a great remedy for relieving the above pains.

Medical Marijuana Ingesting

Raw Marijuana is easily consumed for people that want the pure taste of cannabis which can be a popular route. Many people simply will eat the leaves whether it is dried or heated and can give you a strong, mix of different ingredients such as THC-A the acid form of THC which does not have the pschoactive compounds to get you high but rather the soothing and anxiety related repellants. Some people call this method “Juicing” and can only do this way to feel any relief.

Marijuana Laced Beverages

Marijuana THC Beverages

Local dispensaries and hedge shops will give you plenty of options to sell bottled marijuana drinks with cannabis-infused drinks such as teas, juices, smoothies, and sodas can have the THC inside of it. This can greatly enhance the taste to your favorite tea while giving you soothing, anxiety-free relief when you want to relax with marijuana beverage.

Dabbing Medical Marijuana

Dabbing Wax Shatter

Wax Dab vape pens have become quite popular in the last decade as there are plenty of ways to consume the wax shatter, BHO, butter. Heating it at a high temperature and inhaling the vapor can give you over 90% THC effects giving you an extremely high dosage of the phsychoactive compound ingredients many dabber enthusiasts look for. Wax vape pens are a popular accessory among marijuana smokers and can be bought online when you want a high quality vaporizer. When you want to buy a new dab vape pen online just simply look for the varieties of different dab pens online so you can choose the best ones to buy. You can also use a e-nail vaporizer which is another popular type of vape to use when it comes down for using this method.